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liza anyone but me 206
Title: I'll Take Care of You
Pairing: Quinn/Amanda, friendship
Spoilers: "Sweet Baby" and "Dirty Little Secrets", nothing in the future.
Rating: PG (beyond talk of suicide, completely a character piece with the worst thing happening being talking in traffic)
Disclaimer: Scandal is the property of Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and ABC Studios. Descriptions of where I think the OP&A offices and driving paths were taken off Streets & Trips and don't reflect the actual show (which has made the location vague so far).
Archiving: My personal Tumblr and LiveJournal, and ff.net. Anywhere else, ask first.
Summary: Quinn is new to her job, but she already knows she must protect her charge at any cost.
Author's Notes: I have been raring to write this story since the episode ended on Thursday night, and I was disappointed to find out there was nowhere I could really post this story yet. Fanfiction.net still has no category for the show (you'd think someone would've told them before the 5th), and there's no way I'm putting it in the miscellaneous category with the gobs of terrible One Direction stories in there, so I'm putting this on my Tumblr first.

I'm just glad to have another great fandom to follow, and thanks to the strong fandom I've seen developing around the show already. It's a well-written show, and although the Twittersphere seems to be against Quinn so far, I actually like her and how Katie Lowes plays her as harried, yet vulnerable. And thanks to Liza Weil for playing yet another awesome character with a vague good/bad thing going on.

This story is just a one-shot so no continuation will be had. But hopefully my dip into this fandom will prove worthy of your reading and reviewing.
Amanda relaxed a little with Quinn"s hand in hers. It was hardly professional, but it was just what she needed in that moment...Collapse )

If you haven't checked out this series, you should now, especially now that Liza is playing a therapist and confidant to one of the characters. I really loved this performance by her because it allowed her to show off the sarcastic and caring side of her acting that made us fall in love with her in the first place, and the writing is definitely top notch and fits her right to a T (something Shonda and whatever monkey at the typewriter who did her episode of Eleventh Hour epically failed at). I would recommend getting into this series; I have a few that I still need to catch up on but this is why the promise of the Internet for series is so bright with me, but why I continue to gravitate to the quiet dramas of everyday life rather than...urrgh, Venice (Or as I think of it, "Maybeians get drunk and recite dialouge from dead UPN soap pilots").
slashy | gilmore-secretsmile by yumeiro
Title: Theraputic Relaxation
Pairing: Paris/Rory, 3rd person POV
Spoilers: Mid-season three, no relationships for either Paris or Rory, during debate season
Rating: PG-13 (non-explicit sexual situations)
Disclaimer: A-SP, DPDHP, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television has the Gilmore Girls, I don't. It's that simple, folks, I'm just a fan. Other stuff is owned by other people or companies, and no slander is intended. Cushing Academy is very real and just used to further the plot, along with all the place names in northern Massachusetts.
Archiving: My personal LJ, ff.net. Anywhere else ask first.
Summary: Paris loves a long hot bath, and a certain classmate with long brown hair.
Author's Notes: This is a fic challenge where ubiquitousmixieDanielle jokingly dared me to write 739 words involving Prory and a bathtub.

And that's just what I wrote. Below, 739 words involving Prory and a bathtub (insert evil and dorky Liz Lemon-like laughter here). A little tweak here and there, some words taken out in some places, and we have a fic right in the guidelines and straight down the goalposts. Obviously because it's so short (for me), I did what I could to set it up and then knock it out of the part. I hope you enjoy it despite those constraints! Enjoy, and thanks again D for the prompt!

There was nothing like a warm bath to strip away the worries of the day.

Paris knew this and took advantage of it often. Baths were her little-known weakness, her own personal luxury to end many stressful days. She could care less if she bought her makeup on the cheap at CVS, but when it came to bath salts and solutions, she could easily lay out $600 on an average trip to The Body Shop to spoil herself within her personal whirlpool bathtub.

Usually she was free to think of whatever she wanted, or do what she wanted within the deepness of that tub. Those thoughts usually wandered to her beguiling and confusing brunette classmate from the Hollow.

Those thoughts could usually be dealt with in private, with nobody the wiser.

But not tonight, not after a furious debate with Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Three long hours after a contest where her and Rory barely rung out a win, she had reserved a room at a bed and breakfast just outside of Ashby to spend a quiet Saturday night before her and Rory had to go back home the next day. Ms. Peters was staying elsewhere in Gardner, leaving the two young ladies to share a room which Paris had assumed featured two beds.

However the picture on the website of the room failed to note a subsequent redecoration intended to boost honeymoon business, replacing the two full beds with one king-size bed both girls would have to share. After fretting to the owner for a half-hour she received a half-refund, but had to make do with the room.

After that it was no wonder that she snapped at Rory that she needed a bath. She shut the door, shucked her uniform off and after setting a radio to soothing New Age music, climbed into the steaming and bubbly clawfoot tub which had water so hot it would scald a lesser being. Paris closed her eyes, letting the soothing and aromatic bath salts relax her tightened muscles and overwhelm her senses until the combined four senses take her to another world, where she dreamed of her beloved vice-president next to her, confessing a want of the blonde and a need to make her feel what Jamie could not on her date.

She was so thankful when she heard about the dance marathon, how both men had pissed Rory off so much she declared herself single and told them both to leave while she danced her way to victory with her mother. Rory had become more sane, calm...

Even more beautiful, she thought. Her thin wrinkled fingers took in the folds along her femininity, so sensitive after she saw Rory prove herself worthy with a game-changing takedown of Cushing's argument for Social Security privatization. I'm such a sucker. When Rory gets angry, I get horny. She began to work herself slowly, stroking her fingers around and along her clit, the thin covering of blonde hair against her mons providing little resistance.

She accidently triggered the sleep function on the radio however and suddenly found the soothing music had disappeared. She cursed under her breath and prepared to get up from her comfortable stroking.

"Par...oh God...so...fucking...passionate, oh God..."

Her ears perked up as she heard the whispers on the other side of the door. She stayed still for awhile, wondering if her imagination was echoing.

A grunt of desire that was very Rory-like suggested that was hardly the case.

Rory is getting off to me, she thought. Her body stilled and she felt everything melt away. If she was her usual self she might just forget.

Her bluntness got the best of her.

"Rory? Come in here."


"Please, come in here. We have something to discuss about the debate." A couple minutes of dead silence. Suddenly she heard shuffling against the hardwood floor and then an opening of the door.

"Par?" The blue-eyed innocent expected Paris to look beautiful in the bath.

Never did she expect that the vision of her sexual fantasies would be looking at her so blatantly, even in a long tank top which barely hid she had slid off her underwear minutes earlier.

Two more minutes of silence. Both women were intelligent enough to know what was next.

"Come here," Paris beckoned. Rory complied.

Both made love in the deep and roomy bath, twice. Then the bed.

Paris loved bathing even more. So did Rory.

1st-Jan-2010 09:07 pm - Year end/beginning meme...
slashy | gilmore-parisbrain by yumeiro

From ubiquitousmixie...

2009 into 2010 memeCollapse )

lorpar sleeping by miekhead
Title: The Innkeeper's Lover | Chapter Three | Partings & Commitments
Pairing: Paris/Lorelai, 3rd person POV
Spoilers: Nothing really spoiled besides Those Are Strings, Pinocchio. Again in this story, Lorelai bid on the Dragonfly the day after graduation instead of during it, Rory is going to Harvard, Jess to Boston College and both are together, while Luke is a non-factor within this world.
Rating: NC-17 (very heavy sexual situations, profanity, anal fingering, concealed exhibitionism, disrespect of parents, skinny dipping, and no shame in trying to find my own twist on getting the ladies into a wet situation...twice. Come on, it had to be done :-P!)
Disclaimer: If I would say I owned Gilmore Girls, Amy-Sherman Palladino/Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television would have something to say about it. When they sue me. Which is why I tell you I don't. So we're hopefully all disclaimed; all the programs, networks, universities and products mentioned within are the property and trademarks of their respective owners, and no disrespect is meant or implied.
Archiving: GilmoreGirlsSlash, RalSt, and aff.net. You will not find this on fanfiction.net; I feel it is way too explicit to meet that site's TOS. Everyone else, ask before archiving.
Summary: Saying goodbye can actually be quite fun, and Lorelai and Paris prove it through a fun night in Gellar Manor.
Author's Notes: I don't think there's any way to say it, but I'm sorry if I kept you waiting so long when it came to this chapter. I know I say I write it between Longing sessions, but still it's no excuse and I'm hoping the next chapter comes out in much less time. When I read I spent 58 days writing and editing this (mind you, that's just with the document open; I didn't spend literally 58 days writing it), that sort of tells you something. Hopefully the length of this chapter will more than make up for the time I've spent writing this.
I also have to apologize, but the reason this is coming out on Christmas is because I have epically failed to deliver on my holiday drabble challenge. Not a word. I blame the most stressful holiday season I've ever had, where if I wasn't at work, I was either shopping or having to escape the bad karaoke singer the mall hired instead of their traditional gift wrappers. Which meant I had to wrap gifts. All by myself. I make kindergarteners look good.
Thank you to Danielle for as always being ever-patient with me, and being there when I was ready to give up on writing in general out of frustration. It isn't easy writing stories which are sometimes ignored for lesser work, but her confidence in me helps me keep writing when I'm at my lowest moment. I also thank Dragonwine, a writer in the Devil Wears Prada fandom for his kind words about my stories. I recommend that if you haven't read his Lesson Learned series yet, that you read it as soon as you can. It's just incredibly brilliant. Finally, Marieke, the #1 LorPar fan, whose collab fic got me to get this out.
This story is unbetaed, but I have done my best to correct any mistakes. If you find any, please let me know.
And with that, it's time to come back to the world of LorPar and how they fell in love...

Why did I agree to do this? On such a beautiful day outside two days after the happiest moment of my life and a day after the second happiest, did I agree to come here and have lunch here? Why oh why? I mean yes, I get out of dinner tonight, so that's a side benefit, but I have to spend two hours, alone, with her, here?
4th-Dec-2009 07:13 pm - Holiday Fic/Drabble Challenge
possibility by keenai

If you've been following this journal and wondering why I don't post most of the time (what a use of $22 every six months, eh?), it's mostly because I've taken to moving my posting over to Twitter most of the time. If you aren't following me there yet, I'm at @mrschimpf over there.

Anyways, usually you know by now that I usual pit all of my writing energies into one big holiday piece every year. However since I have my foot in so many fandoms this year and a lack of good holiday ideas (along with two big fics waiting in beta), I decided this year that I'm up for a writing/drabble challenge. Here's what I'm asking for;

- Four prompts per person.
- Must be in a fandom that I do know well, have written in the past, or like. So that "FlashForward" idea you have? Can't do it, sorry.
-- I have added "Glee", "The Good Wife" and "Big Bang Theory" (Sheldon/Penny only) to my fandom list. Keep in mind however that because of an overload of stuff to watch on Wednesdays however that I have not watched "Glee" as of late and will catch up on the season when the 1/2 season DVD comes out in late December. So a "Glee"' story would be more a traditonal character piece or out of canon tale.
- I am mainly looking for ideas based in and around the holidays, anything between November and January. I will do general fic but I'm always more inclined to holiday ideas around this time of year.
- No restrictions on ratings.
- Real person fic will be considered on a case by case basis. If I can't write the idea I will ask for an alternate prompt.
- If you need me to stick to a word limit, please state it in the prompt or I will write it without sticking to a regular length.
- As per usual, I will write Dean and Logan in a fic only as long as it means they get blue balls or neutered via a well-placed kick to the groin ;).

And with that...suggest away :-D!!

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slashy | gilmore-parisbrain by yumeiro

Title: The Death & Second Life of Rory Gilmore
Pairing: Paris/Rory, third person POV
Spoilers: An alternate view of season three around Halloween, discounting most of what happened within it. Rory is 18, Paris is 17.
Rating: Hard R (violence, profanity sexual situations, vampirism, light blood play, character death)
Disclaimer: Gilmore Girls is the property of Amy-Sherman Palladino/Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television. All other products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Archiving: Ralst, aff.net, ff.net, my personal LiveJournal. Anyone else, ask first.
Summary: When Paris discovers that Rory is much different than what she seems, it is up to her to show that her love for her classmate is stronger than the forces guiding her towards evil.
Author's Notes: Bah, so I wanted to finish this and post it on Halloween. Since it has passed, I must post it on...Day of the Dead, so I guess it still works out somehow in the grand scheme of things. But I guess I'm thankful my free hour of Standard Time was spent writing this.

This is probably my darkest fic ever and I was surprised by how it developed. I didn't know it would take the dark direction it did in the end, and for the fans of who I mention at the end, I do apologize and state that my portrayal of them here is only for the purposes of the story and not how I actually feel about them. If you feel offended by character death I would suggest that you not read this. It's a story that deals with mature themes and I must warn you that this Prory is dark and not at all my usually positive portrayal of the girls. But if you're looking for a nice dark fic to curl up and read with a spin of femslash, you'll love this one.

As always, I give thanks to my beta and friend Danielle for inspiring me to write this piece. She wrote quite a nice DWP piece herself where Andy and Miranda get a little dark, and I suggest you read it on her fic community ubiquitousmuse on LiveJournal.

Paris always knew there was something suspicious about Rory Gilmore...

slashy | gilmore-nodefinition by yumeiro
Title: Transcript Confidential
Pairing: Paris/Rory, third person POV
Spoilers: Final episodes of season three, although Jess and Jamie are non-factors here. This can also be considered slightly OOC.
Rating: NC-17 (profanity, sexual situations, self-pleasure, voyeurism and sexual actions between an older teacher and younger students)
Disclaimer: Amy-Sherman Palladino, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television own this series, but they will never own my soul. Or NBC because they all have respect for their own selves not to get involved with that mess of a network.

All other products and trademarks of their respective owners.
Archiving: My personal LJ, ff.net and RalSt. Everyone else ask first.
The Frankin exit interview is a tradition for all editors of Chilton's official publication. Seduction by the interviewer and having your faculty adviser find the tape? Not so much.
Author's Notes: This is a response to Snoopy the Pooh's prompt for me which involved this subject;

Rory interviews Paris for the school paper. What gets caught on the tape recorder is not safe for transcription.

I could have easily condensed it, but as this has been a subject I've wanted to explore in the past I had to definitely expand on it and make it into the story it turned out to be. Of course I'm not sure how she'll react to the twist later on, but I felt like I certainly couldn't end it where it did. Plus it leaves open the nice possibility of a sequel later on (which is hopefully better than my Paris/Shira fic...sigh, people are really stuck on her being evil, aren't they?)

Thanks to StP for her many prompts which I enjoyed writing out, and Patricia51 for her characterization of Ms. Peters, which I have used a little bit, albeit with an expansion of her character further with my own spin on her.

Fic hosted here due to LJ space constraints...
liza anyone but me 206
Title: The Eye of Calm
Spoilers: Early season six, without some of the more extreme ASP self-destruction going on; Paris is a sane editor, Logan is not the unbelievable savior of a newspaper, and she runs a well-functioning newsroom, not the ridiculous hornets' nest of Paris with sudden Asperser's that somehow made it into the actual series. Also, Rory never even entertained Logan's advances and he's just a forever frustrated friend.
Rating: PG-13 (discussions of a murder case, profanity)
Disclaimer: This story is not intended to resemble real-life events and has been structured so that the crime mentioned within is kept purposefully vague. Gilmore Girls is the property of Amy-Sherman Palladino, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television. All other copyrights and trademarks belong to their respective owners and no disrespect is meant or implied.
Archiving: My personal LJ and ff.net. Anyone else, ask first.
Summary: The story of a fellow student brings out the best in everyone at the Yale Daily News.
Author's Notes: This story is more written as a criticism of the hurried journalism seen on TV and the total disregard for calm reporting among cable news lately. This is sort of a response to the Yale case that has been in the news lately, but I found myself completely drawn more to the cool and collected coverage of the actual Daily News staff about the story than that of the local New Have/Hartford and national media. I wanted to write and express how Paris would have dealt with a story like this and the peripheral items around it, especially the other media as she calmly has her staff gather facts and she distills it into stories that give more insight into the story rather than repeating the same things over and over.

My thanks to all my readers over the years, and Danielle, my rock.Read more...Collapse )</b></i></u>
sleepover by keenai
Title: Battleships, Tensions and Hello Kitty Panties | Chapter Two | Apologies & Further Strategies
Pairing: Paris/Rory, Rory/Lane, future allusions to Paris/Lane/Rory
Spoilers: Spoilers? None here that I know of except the guys of the girls are just history and Zach never moved in on Lane.
Rating: R (sexual situations, profanity, allusions of sexuality between minors, and admissions that both drumming and board games really are hiding sexual desires)
Disclaimer: Nope, still not mine. Amy-Sherman Palladino, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television still have it all. And I doubt they'd lend this show out if it involved possible sexual thoughts from their three lead younger woman characters.

Battleship is a game and trademark of Milton-Bradley/Hasbro and other publishers internationally. All other products and services mentioned within are the property and trademarks of their respective owners, and no disrespect is meant or implied.
Archiving: My personal LJ, ff.net, aff.net, and RalSt. Anyone else ask first.
Summary: When Paris worries the Battleship match they played may not have been all that special, Rory has to assure her that it still was to her.
Author's Notes: This chapter was completely unexpected when I originally wrote this challenge for Chelle. But Danielle addressed in her review that Paris might have felt a little bit odd about Rory 'repeating' her first time with Lane with her, and reflecting on that, she was right. This is my way of making it up to her, and furthering the story to move towards a conclusion that I hope you find pleasing and believable. Thanks again to you two crazy girls for being there for me always, and for those who reviewed the story on ff.net.

Read more...Collapse )</b></i></u>
slashy | gilmore-breaking by yumeiro

I admit I had a few problems with these prompts, but they did turn out much better than I thought they would and I'm glad that you gave me such a great selection to work with, D! Hopefully you enjoy them and the one I'm really scared of (you know the one) doesn't squick you too badly.
Prompts 1 & 2Collapse )
Prompt 3. This prompt is NC-17 and deals with mourning, kink, character death, consensual sexual violence, and drug abuse. Please do not read this if something may trigger you.Collapse )
Prompts 4 & 5Collapse )

slashy | gilmore-beach by yumeiro
Title: Battleships, Tensions and Hello Kitty Panties
Pairing: Paris/Rory, third person POV. And more, which I will not ruin here...
Spoilers: An alternate post-417 universe where the spring break kiss was played for more than laughs, Dean's ego was severely wounded instead of boosted in the drunken phone call, Asher is gone, Marty's just a friend and Paris and Rory are their good ol' passionate sarcastically sexy and intelligent selves. And let's assume that Logan was thrown into a Thai prison Brokedown Palace-style for something sexist.
Rating: R (sexual situations, profanity, heavy flirting, allusions of sexuality between minors, and children's board games used for sexually perverted purposes)
Disclaimer: You know, if the WB had guts, they would've let Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television let Paris and Rory be a couple longer than about four seconds. But they didn't. And for what...another pretty blonde boy?! Sigh, guys, you had a pretty blonde girl already, she was perfectly fine for Rory. But thus, they own them, and we have to live with Prory within our sweet dreams. It still would've been fun for Rory to wake up in her bed with Paris at the start of season five. And a whole lot less angsty for sure. And less adulterous and floppy-haired.

Battleship is a game and trademark of Milton-Bradley/Hasbro and other publishers internationally. All other products and services mentioned within are the property and trademarks of their respective owners, and no disrespect is meant or implied.
Archiving: My personal LJ, ff.net, aff.net, and RalSt. Anyone else ask first
Summary: That certain game of naval strategy has never been this fun, as Paris and Rory realize more than fun is to be had during an evening of revelations and desires.
Author's Notes: OK, I'm going to admit something. You're going to find this shocking...

This isn't a drabble. (shock!) I know, it's all 9,000 words and non-drabbly! Are you flailing around the room in a panic that this prompt didn't get smushed into 400 words?

OK, maybe you're not. Chelle gave me a prompt to work with which involved the situation where the girls played a board game (Scrabble in the original prompt, or my choice) and eventually were so turned on they lost interest in the game. Since I am legendary at totally sucking at Scrabble, and Danielle indeed already had that as the plot point for a Luke/Lorelai fic from eons ago (seriously, we're talking the stone age, eight years ago), I decided that Battleship would fit the bill since it's an intelligent game of strategy, and seriously, I see Paris being the type to be into World of Warcraft somehow. She gets off on strategy, and it's the same in board games.

I really had so much fun with this prompt, so much that I had to end it long before all of the story was told. I also went to a place I never dared and I'm hoping that this story will lead to further later adventures.

Again, thanks to Chelle for being such an awesome writer and a friend in every sense, always there and loyal. She has four more coming after this, but they're not going to be this length. You asked for it, dear ;). Now enjoy the delicious tension that two women playing a "boy's game" (seriously, what a stupid term. I will admit with no shame when I was thirteen I totally joined in a round of Girl Talk, the "Date Line" version, which was awesome! Gotta love the odd pink speaker that came with that game and the questions that were asked. Gimme that over the testosterone-fest that is Crossfire any day!) will produce.

Read more...Collapse )

I've decided the best thing to do for these challenges is post them as separate entries as I complete them when I get a chance. It turns out #4 did run away from me, so Chelle, it might be a couple days on that :). In the meantime I couldn't resist putting out the other four, and here are the three in sort-of drabble form (under 2,000 words each? How did he do that?!), while #1 will be a dedicated story post.
Read more...Collapse )

liza anyone but me 206
Now that I have finally finished the longest chapter of fiction I ever wrote (72,000+ for The Innkeeper's Lover Chapter Three :-O), I think it's time to keep the ol' brain juices flowing. Thus as I've been wanting to do for a few weeks, I'm going to issue a challenge for drabbles for me to write. The rules...

-Likely the story will not be a stubborn 100 words; plan more on 500-1,500 words the way I write.
-Five requests per person...and no two 'people' in horse costumes coming in to make ten requests (cough) ;).
-I'm open to fandoms that I know. Of course, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, to a point Guiding Light and even Family Guy and Gossip Girl. Maybe you could give me an Ally McBeal challenge too? However if you want me to, I will write RPS, as long as it respects the actors.
-No reality show fic. But of course, you already knew that.
-Het is cool, unless...
-No Logan and no Dean unless angst, castration, ball-kicking or a dud date is involved.

After that, I'm pretty much open to anything. Please be creative in your prompts and hopefully you'll enjoy what I whip up :)!
Death Glare by daylight_shadow
Television Without Pity's list of Horrible and Spoiled Teens

You'll notice that somehow, our favorite intense blonde ended up in a list which mainly consists of people who are hated on TV, like Chuck Bass, that metrosexual jerk from "NYC Prep", a bunch of douches from bad reality TV, Brooke "No You Can Not Haz Singing Career" Hogan, Kaitlin "Here only because Mischa Barton can't keep her drug habit off the OC set" Cooper, and Blair from "The Facts of Life".

(cue that lovely 'one of these things is not like the other' song from Sesame Street)

Only Paris and Blair belong in the same category together. And not as 'spolied' teens, but "Most Awesome Foils (and obvious lust object) for the Good Girl in TV History".

I mean, are you kidding me? Putting Paris "Le Pitbull" Gellar in the same category as the spoiled teens of "My Super Sweet 16"? Yes, Paris is intense and hard to handle. People don't like her often. But here are the facts;

-Paris very, very, very rarely dropped mentions of her wealth in at all. She didn't care about how much money she had until A-SP needed to find a way to drag Rory into an apartment with Logan no thanks to the network suits, so they had Paris become poor. That's when she needed money. That's the only point she needed money. BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T HAVE IT!
-She regularly mocked the rich of her social circle. Her own friends were always derised by her for caring more about their vanity than their education.
-Her parents were pretty much never there for her. How can you be spoiled when those who borne you don't care for you at all?
-Did we ever see her trotting around Gucci bags and wearing Louboutins? Probably not, since she was a small woman who would trip in way too tall high heels.

Now the points made by this so called "writer", deconstructed...

This smug overachiever tormented Rory during her first year at Chilton...and could take away her long-standing status as head of the class.

She had a goal. She wasn't going to let Rory stop her. What was she supposed to do, just introduce herself as "Hi, I'm Paris. Well, I see you're going to kick my ass around here, so I'm just going to give up now, seeing as you have that halo over your head and God has made it that you must be the valedictorian. I will not compete with you. Nice meeting you, and I look forward to being an underling to you for the rest of my life."

No, she told Rory she was in for hell and she wasn't in Stars Hollow anymore. It was on. Paris was there to light a fire under Rory's ass. Of course she's going to torment Rory; she's been the best for ten years, and Farm Girl wouldn't top her without a fight.

Threatened by the new girl who attracted the attentions of her dream boy Tristan...

And who never got said attractions returned. He was never a threat and numbed by the WB studio system of the time when he went off to "One Tree Hill". Yes, we all fantasize about Trory, but in the grand scheme of things, Paris got over Tristan the moment he began to go bad, and the last obstacle to her friendship with Rory was over. Tristan became the Chuck Cunningham of GG and was never heard from again except in fanfic.

Plus, she gave Rory all the boring stories when she was her boss at the school paper...

Four words..."Don't believe the hype". She hears all about how Rory is the best writer ever, but the girl's gotta actually prove herself first. Stars Hollow High wasn't a hotbed for journalists. The Franklin had a long tradition of fine writing. Writing about a Chilton parking lot was the same thing as a silly hazing in athletics...Paris wanted Rory to prove herself before she moved onto the big league stories. If Rory would have jumped right in she might have been overwhelmed quickly by her assignments, giving Paris cause to believe she was right to start with. Five years later, her stuff is being edited by Rory at the Yale Daily News. The tables are turned. And though she was thrown out of the editor's chair and threw a tantrum about it, she was eventually proud that her friend actually lived up to the game she spat.

And laughed at her when she got hit by a deer and missed an important test, which is just petty.

Did this writer read their own words? A DEER HIT RORY!! C'mon, you hear that, it's like "the dog ate my homework" without actually seeing it. Paris was kind of bitchy in that moment, but she wasn't watching what we saw in the previous scene; she just saw Rory run in the door and rant to Mr. Medina about being hit by a deer and it was just, 'Um, I've made up better excuses to get out of cotillions my mother wants me to go to, girl. You actually expect me to believe a deer rammed your car. You crazy!' Thus, she makes the loser crack and then Rory tears her a new one. She quickly realizes it's best not to mess with She Who is Dressed By Birds, ever, and is like "You don't want to see Rory when she's angry. Seriously, don't do it, people." Hardly petty, just her making an observation that bit her in the ass.

Really, TWoP, comparing her to the Gotti knuckleheads and Kelly from "90210 Original Recipe"? Paris would wipe the floor with those idiots. And probably tell anyone on "My Super Sweet 16" to get over themselves. Next time, don't write a list that you can't justify in any way.
uhhhhcon by filmobsessed137
Title: The Attraction of Fireworks, The Heat of Young Love
Pairing: Paris/Rory, 3rd person POV
Spoilers: Right after the end of the series. Looking for Logan? He's gone. So is Doyle. They're never coming back. And unlike some of the other post-series stories, Paris and Rory are responsible young women who use effective birth control and have no buns in the oven in any way.
Rating: Hard R (sexual situations, profanity, some rear end play and coincidentally, the air conditional shamelessly turned off during said sexual situations. I know, right?)
Disclaimer: I'm declaring my independence from copyright laws! From now on, I shall not bow to the corporate tyranny that is Amy Sherman-Palladino/Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Brothers Television. Give me liberty or give me...
Eh, never mind. The lawyers just told me Interpol is on the phone and threatening treason charges. Fine, it's all their stuff. And as always, all other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
Archiving: FF.net, RalSt, my personal LiveJournal and GGSlash. Anywhere else, ask first.
Summary: After seven years of tension and a love/hate friendship, Paris and Rory's Independence Day from the struggles to find their love for each other has finally come.
Author's Notes: This story has literally been two years in the making. I had intended to put this out for the Fourth of July in 2007, but then for some reason or another I abandoned it midway through and never got back to it. In my current run of writing however, this story was begging to be completed, and thus you all get to read it today on the 4th of July in the United States...otherwise known as "Saturday" to the rest of the world.
Danielle originally sparked the idea for this story, and it is her I give most of my thanks to, especially since it was her drabble series that convinced me to bring this out of mothballs. I wanted to write one Prory story where emotions and lust drive the story, and this one completely met that threshold.
I also thank Patricia for her encouragement in expanding my horizons with her own work, especially the Stop the Presses series and her Hannah Montana fics where she somehow manages to make two simple characters in a shallowly written TV series become passionate, funny and full-formed characters in their own rights. This is also sort of a shameless attempt to ask her to write another Prory story. (Puppy eyes) Please, Patti? Pretty please?Read more...Collapse )</b></i></u>
liza anyone but me 206
With this story, my MTEL 'drabbles' for Danielle now come to an end. I shall post a public drabble challenge in the next few days, and I thank you all for reading these.

Forbidden & Fulfilling

She breathes in the memories of her first time with a woman. Remembering the first taste of feminine flesh, the feel of soft lips upon hers...

The first taste of something forbidden. A secret kept so long that if she were to reveal it today, it would be laughed off by the vicious New York press.

A young Columbia med intern in 1992. She was the one person Miranda Priestley could stand to give her pre-natal care during her pregnancy with the twins. Despite her abominable taste in fashion at the time, the magazine editor swore to train the woman in giving off a cool, but loving bedside manner.

They discussed their lives during her appointments. How she felt doubts about being the best in her field. Miranda told her to pay no mind to anyone else. She was the one that would succeed.

Soon the young woman's eyes drifted to the 40-ish woman. How stress had prematurely greyed her hair. She tried to ask the editor her natural hair color once.

"The moment I took over Runway, my hair became the least of my concerns," she was told. She found herself called to the townhouse when the woman's husband was out of town, under the cover of further care.

Soon, they had a deeper relationship. The doctor found herself with an oral fixation and a need to explore every aspect of the woman's pregnancy as they made their illicit love within several places. The woman's bedroom, the halfway-painted nursery, the center island of the kitchen. She felt close to Miranda and would do anything for her, determined to fall in love with her eventually.

However once the twins were delivered, the relationship quietly dissolved. The intern's superior had noticed the unnatural pull between the doctor and Ms. Priestley and begun to challenge her with other tasks. The first appointment for the twins, the chief gave her an unexpected day off and appointed a doctor with no interest in the case at all and a horrid exam demeanor to examine Miranda instead, knowing that he'd rather see the woman abandon his hospital than terrorize it any further.

The next month, Columbia Med was criticized harshly as a 'third world hovel' in the woman's magazine and she had moved to Weill Cornell. The young woman was heartbroken...

Until she received a small bouquet of flowers on the same day the issue came out at her apartment. She opened the notecard enclosed with the flowers.

Not you. Go far. Do not disappoint me.


Sixteen years later, Dr. Addison Montgomery had disappointed her superiors multiple times. Along with her husband and the partner in her affair, and then those in Santa Monica when she decided she would rather be good friends with her ex's new wife than have to bail water out of the sinking ship that was Oceanside.

But never had she disappointed a patient in her medical career. Without Miranda Priestley, she would have never been the best neo-natal surgeon in the nation. Nor would her sense of fashion turned any heads at all. The former awkward girl in sweatshirts and Dickies had abandoned those frocks seven months into Miranda's pregnancy as she enjoyed the stare of her older lover as she stripped off layers of lingerie and finely tailored blouses.

She would have never met her future wife. Who would also on a trip to New York on the request of Mrs. Priestley, treat one of Miranda's daughters for a soccer injury, having been watching said soccer game, and set her leg back into place. The woman never had learned the connection Miranda had with Addison beyond the words "she treated me well" when the woman visited her daughter after treatment. Callie didn't even have to mention Addison, as Miranda had for years kept track of her former lover's whereabouts to keep that line of communication open, and knew that the two women were dating.

Miranda never forgot the woman who brought her through those nine months that internally she feared. Both Addison and Callie arrived home one day to find an invitation embossed in gold leaf. Addison opened it.

Miranda Priestly requests the presence of Doctor Addison Forbes Montgomery and her wife, Doctor Calliope Iphegenia Torres, to attend her wedding to Andrea Marie Sachs in Groton, Connecticut...

Addison looked at the enclosed picture of the young, innocent brown-eyed woman from the Cincinatti suburbs, and current Bloomberg beat writer for the Mirror who had been with her former employer for three years. She smiled, thankful that the woman she knew as 'Silver', and her floor had called 'that annoying bitch', had finally found her peace in the world expressed often in their conversations.

Both of them took a long route to find their peace of mind. Coming back full circle, Addison saw that her one affair, never told to anybody, was worth it in the end.

icon 72
Title: The Thickness of Cream, The Pureness of Love
Pairing: Bree/Katherine, 3rd person POV. No Mary Alice narration within.
Spoilers: This could probably be best described as a mix of AU within the series' existing timeline within seasons four and five and discarding some strands for the purposes of same-sex romance between the women and for dramatic purposes. The five-year time jump is also utilized, though in a much different way than the actual season five. Obviously with a story like this, all of the male relationships between Bree and Katherine are completely downplayed and those in season five never existed; heck, I don't even mention their husbands except in passing.
Rating: Hard R (sexual situations, some pregnancy kinks including erotic breastfeeding, and overabuse of the word cream/crème. Light profanity in this one because I just cannot picture Bree or Katherine swearing unless under extreme duress...or passion.)
Disclaimer: I really can't complain about this show, so we're playing it straight; Desperate Housewives is the property of Marc Cherry/Cherry Productions and ABC Studios/Touchstone Television. All trademarks and products mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
Archiving: My personal LiveJournal, ff.net, RalSt, and any DH femslash community that would like this story. Anyone else, ask first.
Summary: A quartet of moments between Bree and Katherine showing how they turned from bitter rivals and into lifetime lovers.
Author's Notes: Yeah...this isn't a drabble. Let's just get that out of the way right now.

This was definitely the toughest prompt to work around for Danielle, and is the fifth of her sixth MTEL reward prompts that she gave me. It was tough because I had to not only work around the words cream and competition, but my interest in Bree and Katherine has been confined only to casual watching of past episodes, fan videos, and the few fanfiction pieces I could find with them together. I also had to make sure it has my glowing and positive viewpoint of love between women and work around their histories, which I gleamed mostly from what I remembered about the show and wiki articles about both of the women, which is why my usual improv style came in handy, especially when it came to their birthdates. I also had to work around the theme of them being scorned in the past, and unlike my usual Paris fics, I had to write for a women who are undeniably conservative, rather than a moderate woman like Paris whose political leanings could easily go either way, or Rory, who is pretty much the poster child for liberals. I tried to do my best in this story and respect both Bree and Katherine, and if there are any errors in canon or opinions, sincere apologies in advance.

Oh, and the title was a toughie too. Since I wrote a Bree/Lorelai crossover fic called Better Than Ice Cream, that title was out for this one, so I had to think on another cream-based title.

Thank you to Danielle for inspiring me and keeping me focused on the goal of finishing these pieces, and her encouragement to write this and push through it, along with those who have encouraged me in my writing to expand my horizons beyond Prory. This six-part series has been definitely a learning experience for me in dipping my toe in other fandoms, and I'm hoping the encouragement will keep me going.

And of course, thank you to Marcia Cross and Dana Delany for existing. You both prove that beauty only grows through the years and are wonderful actresses who I could only wish to do a little justice to in my writing.

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madeline  by keenai
A meme from multiple other f-listers...

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
I need to shave.
2. How much cash do you have on you?
Approximately 3 cents; I don't usually carry cash.
3. What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?
Bloor. It's a street in Toronto and the first thing I came up with.
4. Favorite planet?
Venus. That guy who wrote that stupid book about guys being from Mars ruined that one for me.
5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
You're assuming that I actually use my iPhone for phone calls. Because I recieve approximately 6-7 in a month and usually they're all "Home". The phone's almost a web device exclusively.
6. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
The "Gimme Back That Fillet O'Fish" song from a McDonald's ad that annoyed most of us, but delighted a select few during Lent.
7. What shirt are you wearing?
Black t-shirt
8. Do you label yourself?
Why would you want to do that? It's kind of silly and when you rip a label off yourself it kind of hurts and leaves a mark. What would you put on it anyways..."hi, my name is _____"?
9. Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently wearing?
They were 10 bucks from K-Mart. I can walk in them and that's all I care about.
10. Bright or Dark Room?
Darker than the bottom of the ocean.
11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?
She is my friend for life, generally awesome, incredibly naughty and has me on a sudden lust kick for Dana Delaney. Mmmm, Dana...
12. What does your watch look like?
It's a Timex Expedition which has analog/digital timing combined, a green watch face, and sucks up battery life worse than my phone.
13. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Writing my Bree/Katherine story.
14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
Something from my Twitter feed, holding back for privacy concerns.
15. Where is your nearest 7-11?
Probably past the Illinois state line. None nearby at all here.
16. What's a word that you say a lot?
Damn it!
17. Who told you he/she loved you last?
See #11.
18. Last furry thing you touched?
One of the cats.
19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days?
Are you suggesting I snort Tums up my nose? What kind of survey is this?!
20. How many rolls of film do you need developed?
What is this film you're talking about? I have none of this 'film'. I watch films, but I do not utilize film.
21. Favorite age you have been so far?
23 was awesome. The year I got cable internet and when Paris was at her awesomest.
22. Your worst enemy?
Jeremy Shane on FF.net. A so-called 'writer' whose reviews consist of five pithy words and whose original idea consists of Lorelai Gilmore being something she couldn't possibly be because the media he wants her in (Power Rangers) didn't exist until 1992 and she would look horrible in that type of spandex. Oh, and he uses profanity poorly.
23. What is your current desktop picture?
On the desktop it's a city scene of Boston, while the laptop and iPhone have backgrounds of colorful spectres.
24. What was the last thing you said to someone?
Something about renting a movie from the redbox.
25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be?
Do you realize the bureaucratic hell you'd be in if you had to get past the FAA to use your flying skills? And a somewhat fear of heights? I'll take the money, thanks.
26. Do you like someone?
I like many people.
27. The last song you listened to?
Currently I'm listening to Nick Digilio on WGN. Last song was probably that stupid "Na-na-na-hey-hey" thing from Cristiananana DeBarge. Hint to Hollywood/musical parents; YOUR SPAWN DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE A SINGING CAREER!!!!
28. What time of day were you born?
29. What’s your favorite number?
30. Where did you live in 1987?
Sheboygan everlasting.
31. Are you jealous of anyone?
Dragonwine, who I am so nervous to leave a review about his work about, and Paui Adelstein for getting to call Liza Weil his wife.
32. Is anyone jealous of you?
I'm sure there is. But I'm not going to go further than that.
33. Where were you when 9/11 happened?
During the actual time of the event I was sleeping in bed and found out when I was woken up three hours later. I had to go to work a few hours later...after all the flight cancellations, the quietest eight hours I ever worked.
34. What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
Kick the harmless bottom portion of the machine and swear at the inventor of the vending machine and those forces who continue to insist that the dollar bill remain in circulation over coins. I usually end up with problems with bills over coins.
35. Do you consider yourself kind?
I hope I am.
36. If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?
Somewhere very hidden, and I don't know what it would be.
37. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?
French or Portugeuse. I tried German in school and didn't get very far.
38. Would you move for the person you loved?
As long as it wasn't down the street in Sheboygan. Or North Dakota. Otherwise, sign me up.
39. Are you touchy feely?
I usually keep to myself.
40. What’s your life motto?
Just let everything happen and don't question why things happen.
41. Name three things that you have on you at all times?
My phone, keys and wallet.
42. What’s your favorite town/city?
Chicago is the best.
43. What was the last thing you paid for with cash?
A liter bottle of Walgreen's cola at...well, Walgreens.
44. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
A few months ago to #11. Which I need to do one of these days again.
liza anyone but me 206

Title: A Light in the Storm


Pairing: Callie/Addison. Otherwise known as Caddison, or just by the normal everyday layman as 'liquid sex'

Spoilers: As is my usual case, I'm going to tell Shonda that she was just stupid and that here, Sadie and Arizona never existed. This takes place in an alternate universe around the time between Before and After and An Honest Mistake during the March crossover with Private Practice's episodes Acceptance and Ex-Life. I don't even get into real specific details of the episodes at all.

Rating: R (profanity, sexual situations, flirting, and violence, misogyny and homophobia from an outside character. Of course that outside character's words are not my own and I do apologize if any offense is taken by their actions and words)

Disclaimer: Oh, I've always wanted to do this (grins evilly). It got boring knocking down Amy and the Gilmore creators, so now I get to disclaim my little heart out about this one! I'm so excited...I'm so excited...I'm so...scared (Jessie voice). Yeah, Shonda's a bit more hard-core about the haters. But I think I can handle it...

Shonda Rhimes and Shondaland created both Grey's and Private Practice, along with Mark Gordon. ABC Studios/Touchstone Television filmed them both. And sometimes you just want to ask if Shonda what the heck she's thinking. Especially with Callie and Addison. Both girls have been more abused by her than Paris's character in Daniel Palladino-penned episodes. Lord, that guy was awful.

Some Gilmore mentions here too; A-SP, DPDHP, H-P, WBTV...blah, blah, blah. All other products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Archiving: My personal LiveJournal, ff.net, RalSt and ga_caddie. Note there is a very good reason I'm not daring to post this to erica_callie, even though Erica is mentioned in passing.

Summary: Addison is depressed about her life and takes out her anger and despair at the bar at Joe's and a sleazy Seattle Grace doctor. Ending up in jail, Callie bails her out and they find more than an understanding together.

Author's Notes: This is the fourth prompt Danielle gave me for her MTEL reward drabbles out of six, and...no getting around it, this isn't a drabble.

It also wasn't what I eventually expected after getting the prompts jail, torn pantyhose, full body search. You'd fully expect I'd end up writing 24,000 words of sweaty Caddison sex which just might violate the Geneva Convention.

Of course, I'm also a hopeless romantic, thus this story turned into a schmoopfest pretty fast. I'm sorry if I didn't get the smut down. But as this is my first Caddie, I'm still finding my footing writing them and hoping to meet the Danielle/SnoopyThePooh gold standard of writing them together. I thank both of them for dragging me into this fandom in the first place, and keeping me sane through the awfulness that has been the writers on Private Practice to remind me that Kate Walsh will be sex on legs everlasting.

Again, there is a good reason for me not to dare post this on any community Hahn-related; Callie is damaged here by her. She's not going to sugar-coat it at all. If that gets me smited by the Callica shippers, I'll take the strike. Not every story must illustrate her as infallible. She left Callie, and that is unforgivable in any kind of relationship.

As for Dr. Wharton...comparisons to a certain blonde moron who ruined Rory Gilmore in the last seasons of the series are completely purposeful ;).

Read more...Collapse )
blurry paris

Title: The Wallflower & The Wildcat


Pairing: Paris/Shira, 3rd person POV

Spoilers: Late June before season six (2005) in my usual DenialVerse, with Rory never told by Mitchum that she's a horrible journalist, Paris nowhere near having her parents accused of tax evasion, and not much going on beyond some light drama. Paris broke up with Doyle before the end of her sophomore year.

Rating: Definite hard R (profanity, very sexual flirting, undertones of dominance, self-pleasuring and light intoxication of a minor)

Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls; that's all Amy-Sherman Palladino, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television's doing. All trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

Archiving: My personal LiveJournal, FF.net, GGSlash and RalSt. Anywhere ask first.

Summary: Shira Huntzberger is a cold and calculating woman. Paris is vulnerable, yet passionate. Yet both have love and a goal they want to attain. Can two women who would never usually connect find an understanding with each other?

Author's Notes: This is the third of six of my so-called 'drabbles' (this one is even more over than the first two!) that are rewards for my long-time beta Danielle, who gave me the prompts and couplings she wanted me to write. Her prompt was to see me write a Paris/Shira story using the prompts finger foods, form-fitting gowns, indecent.

Now I know you're thinking "Shira? Nate, have you gone crazy?" Well, not really. See, I kind of thought of Shira as definitely the same as Paris, but only older, more calculating and an incredibly smart woman who was far from the trophy wife that she was presented as from the show. Also to a point, this story is loosely based on Danielle's own Paris/older woman story, Surfacing, where she was wooed by an older woman the same age as Shira. It's no irony that Danielle based Olivia Hughes, the character in that story, on Leann Hunley, the actress who played Shira in the series.

Please note that this story suggests elements of domination and the darkness between women, including the infamous evil and dark and twisty side of Paris that made her the character she was in the first place. If you're coming to read my usual style of writing where Paris is vulnerable yet open, this is not your kind of fic to read. In this story, Paris is flirting with the edge of immorality and as Shira is a married woman seducing Paris into her arms. That alone should give you an indication of where this story is headed.

Right now I'm leaving the ending closed just in case this story is not well-received. However if the feedback is well enough, I will consider adding it to the circle of stories which includes Longing and Innkeeper.

Thank you again Danielle, and may your days be wonderful.

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pg by pinkpaisley_jj

Title: An Attractive Query


Pairing: Lorelai/Paris, 3rd person POV

Spoilers: Beyond nothing at all in whatever that thing David Rosenthal and Dawn "Really, you had no business meddling with the show" Ostroff called "the seventh season" happening, this goes from the sixth season finale. Christopher is never anywhere near Lorelai's precious lady parts in any way, the Huntzbergers got cleaned out in the stock market and the Great Fall of the Newspaper and are a non-entity in this story in any way, and Rory never had to have her graduation ruined by a proposal, nor did Lorelai have to learn the ins and outs of French marriage laws. Much less learn French. And of course, as in all later Yale fics I write, Paris's parents paid their taxes on time, they didn't flee the country, and she still lives in comfortable wealth. However Luke and Lorelai went back to being friends after it didn't work out post-April.

Rating: R (romance, profanity, insults towards reality television and enhancement surgeries, and a Sarah Palin joke I pre-apologize for in advance to the entire state of Alaska for)

Disclaimer: You sure I still have to do this? Really, they care that much? What if I just---Fine, fine, the disclaimer. You know it by now (follow the bouncing ball o' disclosure...) Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote it, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions produced it, Hofflund-Polone did something there too. Warner Bros. Television aired the show, The WB and CW was where to be to know, and their network colors aren't blue. I'm not going to mention another entity mentioned later in the story as it would ruin it, but it is a real business in Hartford I just looked up in research. All other trademarks are the property of their respective entities.

Archiving: My personal LiveJournal, FF.net, GGSlash and RalSt. Anywhere else, ask first.

Summary: One simple question leads to a conclusion years in the making.

Author's Notes: "Do you find me attractive?"

No, I'm not asking any of you that regarding me (please, don't send me mail answering that. My ego can take only so much bruising). Rather, this is the prompt my beta Danielle gave me for one of her six MTEL acing reward 'drabbles' (mm-hmm, let's just pretend this is despite the 5k+ word count...*whistles innocently*). That was the only required part of this challenge, along with the fact it had to be a Lorelai/Paris story. It took me awhile to figure out a proper way to write this and this might seem a bit elaborate for such a simple prompt, but I just had to tackle this one with full gusto.

Again, thank you Danielle for these wonderful prompts and your constant encouragement about my work. Without you, I may have given up long ago on continuing to write and shied away. If it wasn't for you, I would have never discovered the other fandoms which will be a part of my later stories or drabbles for you. This is the second of six I'm writing for her; a first project for Otalia called Shower of Affection was posted two days before and can be found on my LJ page and ff.net accounts.

Finally, status update for those on GGSlash; yes, Longing will be updated one day, along with The Innkeeper's Lover. I just find some waning inspiration and I'm not going to put out inferior product. Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed when either of those see a new chapter. My goal; a new chapter out by mid-July for Longing.

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scoping2 by keenai
Title: Shower of Affection


Pairing: Olivia/Natalia from Guiding Light, 3rd person POV

Spoilers: What can I really spoil? Otalia are together and I'm kind of one of those canon-deniers, so this can happen well into a developed relationship between them.

Rating: R (profanity, clothed shower sex and some light anal fingering. Nothing too bad, to be honest)

Disclaimer: Amy-Sherman Pal--

Oops, sorry. I'm so used to typing in my regular witty disclaimer for Gilmore Girls that I forgot for a moment. Anyways, Guiding Light is the property of Procter & Gamble/ TeleNext Media, along with CBS. You probably know I'm depressed they're cancelling the show and that I'm mad that SoapNet isn't offering a kabjillion dollars to air new episodes because God forbid episodes of One Tree Hill would get better ratings than one of the most believable lesbian television romances ever.

Archiving: My personal LiveJournal, RalSt and FF.net. Everybody else, ask first.

Summary: Olivia has to fix the shower for Natalia. However, Natalia really has other things more important on her mind...

Author's Notes: This is supposed to be a drabble. Y'know, a story which comes in at 100 words or less. Obviously, this is not a drabble. I really tried, but I can't keep Otalia under a century, no matter what I tried!

Anyways, this is the first of six ideas I'm writing for my dear beta Danielle as reward for acing her MTEL's; for this story she gave me the prompts tool box, flannel, unbroken. You rock so hard and I really hope that you enjoy this story! You've got five more coming, but this might make you self-combust before you read them all :-P!

Thanks to the Otalia community for having such exhaustive and passionate fans, including one of the better Wikipedia articles on a supercouple I can find, and somehow keeping Otalia videos on YouTube for all to see. I can't watch the show every day (hello bus catching at 2:10pm for work) and I don't like a few of GL's plots, but I'm not ashamed to say I'm a guy in love with a soap couple who is so compelling, has so many sparks, and goes way beyond the usual melodramatics you might find on other shows.

One thing...I didn't know Natalia's middle name, so I did take creative license in making one up. Apologies if I did have it wrong in hindsight.
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13th-May-2009 04:28 pm - How Rare Is Your Personality?
liza anyone but me 206
Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISTP)
Your personality type is reserved, methodical, spirited, and intense.

Only about 6% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 8% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.
11th-May-2009 12:59 am - Persuasion (1/?)
slashy | gilmore-parisbrain by yumeiro

Title: Persuasion | Prologue & Chapter One | Plan of Attack


Pairing: A crossover between Paris Gellar from Gilmore Girls, and Addison Montgomery from Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice

Spoilers: Post-series for Gilmore Girls, where Paris is in Boston at Harvard Medical School and quickly rising...without Doyle, who moved back to Indiana. As for Addison, the way I don't enjoy Private Practice, she fled after the second season and decided to take a chief position at a hospital in New York to end the drama in her life.

Rating: Light R for this chapter...nothing more than inner dialogue flirting and attraction. Future chapters will probably rise above that rating.

Disclaimer: Amy-Sherman Palladino, Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, Hofflund-Polone and Warner Bros. Television own Gilmore Girls. Shonda Rhimes/Shondaland, Mark Gordon and ABC Studios have Grey's and Private Practice. Both of the former women really need to have considered that Liza and Kate brought all the strength to their respective shows and should stop torturing them with such lame plots.

Archiving: Personal LiveJournal, ff.net and GilmoreGirlsSlash; Anywhere else, ask first.

Summary: Dr. Addison Montgomery has been studying up on Dr. Paris Gellar, and would love to persuade her to pursue another field. But it's going to take more than kind doctor talk to find a middle ground between them.

Author's Notes: So after five years, I'm peeking out the window and deciding that it might be time to move out of the comforting cocoon that has been the Gilmore fandom. Yes, I still ship Prory and Lorelai/Paris, don't doubt that. I just want to see Paris in another and more original situation, and Addison to be anywhere but with all the crap Shonda has subjected poor Kate Walsh to acting out this year in that series. They need to let Kate pull a Hogan Family on that thing and jump away from it so she can do one thing...

Callie and Erica in a healthy ménage of a relationship. Oh, sorry, I mean I...oh, heck, I can't hide my shipping prefs no matter what I do!

The prologue to this was inspired by a drabble suggested by Danielle, and this story is dedicated to her and Snoopy the Pooh for such an encouraging Sunday night where I decided to write this to chase away the boredom. Thanks so much girls!!

Paris smiled. Oh yeah, she was more than ready.Collapse )
5th-May-2009 05:53 pm - Drabble meme...
slashy | gilmore-edge by yumeiro
I don't usually do this because my 'drabbles' end up somehow turning from 100 to 100,000 words, but I'm gonna try this anyways!

The first FIVE people (maybe i'll be lenient depending on how many i get...) to comment to this post get to request a drabbleish length fic (i.e., about 100 words) of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal.

And don't try making me write a Logan/Rory or Dean/Rory either. Unless it involves groin pain from a kick, that I can do :-D!
23rd-Apr-2009 02:13 am - Off on the road...
possibility by keenai
I'm so excited. For the next four days I'll be in Radcliff, KY to visit my sister at her new house near Ft Knox (where her husband works). I know many people don't like it, but I'll mostly be updating through Twitter the next few days rather than here.

When I get back, I'll have recaps of CSI and In Plain Sight, which will be more serious than Eleventh Hour in many ways (OK, Liza's space show get-up will get some ribbing from me) :). Until then I hope everyone is fine, and I will try to pop on and off if I can get wifi (which I should be able to get; at minimum I'll be on my iPhone).
28th-Mar-2009 08:31 am - Liza Guest Star Roles...
Liza seems to have quite the busy month ahead of her, which is definitely a good thing for GG fans, and her fans in general :)!

I was quite happy to accidently stumble on a synopsis for CSI's April 16 episode, which I normally never watch (strange that I can handle NCIS just fine, but the originator of forensic procedurals is just too much for me.) It's set around a sci-fi convention around some show from the 60's.

This likely means one thing...the possibility of Liza in a form-fitting space uniform of some kind and/or cosplay with her as a sci-fi geek :-O! Please CBS, do not let me down!!! Or make her the corpse or suspect!

The PR for this follows...

CSICollapse )

Meanwhile, I did know for quite awhile about her guest role on In Plain Sight on USA, but beyond the whole 'look at this calvacade of stars' PR from NBC announcing the season, nothing else has come out about it until just yesterday. Though I haven't been able to dig up a plot synopsis, a spolier site was able to get a few promo photos, including two of Liza. Beyond the episode title and the possibility of it being the first episode of the season, I don't know anymore, but I'll update everywhere when I do find out. In the meantime, thanks to Spoiler TV for the pics, which you can find below this cut (click pictures to enlarge to full-size)...

In Plain Sight Press StillsCollapse )
7th-Mar-2009 06:43 pm - I don't understand it...
slashy | gilmore-gaze by yumeiro
If I pay $900 for a Dell laptop, shouldn't the power adapter last as long as the computer itself?

What is it about Dell and cheap power supplies? I got a split in the cord and now I definitely don't feel safe using it longer than the next week. So I sucked it up and bought a new one. Thank goodness I got a 15% coupon to take it down to $60 and put it on my charge account.

But this just makes me think I should've listened to other Dellers like squaringkarma and knew this would crop up...but I didn't think this fast (but the purchase page on Dell.com is full of 'it happens in four months' reviews). Sigh, I guess this is how they make the real big bucks.
lost, maggieroofus2
Uggh, what a horrible week it's been for me. I'm so tired of this economy and all of the negativity that's been coming with it. I mean I'm still pretty much above water, but I think that the banks and all those other factors want to go ahead and bury us.

For instance, my AMEX card from Costco was cancelled last week...and of course it had to be on my birthday! After being humiliated at Walgreen's, I call them and I pretty much get Ms. Minimum Wage giving me the bad news in a way which was just souless and uncaring. Yes, I used 30% of the limit, but they claimed I wasn't making high enough payments and taking out too many lines of credit.

However after that, I only took out one more line from Dell in order to finance the laptop. That should not affect anything. Apparently they saw my late Capital One payment (only late because of their horribly confusing website that never confirmed my payment), and that was a final straw apparently. So I lost that credit card and thankfully I can pay it back as usual, but now I have to buy the Costco membership renewal out of my own pocket. Really, it's ridiculous; if they didn't deem me a good credit risk, don't extend the credit in the first place. It's that simple. I'm only doing what everyone recommends to build a credit record, and apparently all the rules have changed since Lehman Brothers fell.

I think I'll be OK, though. Though my work is cutting back some hours, they're cutbacks that don't affect me, and despite it being slow, we're still doing better than most. I have some job security and I have my fingers crossed in that position. As long as I still get at least 32 hours a week, I can be OK. There are a couple at work who are thinking negative about the changes, but really, they need to come somehow.

(sigh) I just want things to be OK again.
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So I was dreading watching this show. I only watch one other show on CBS, NCIS, and that's because it at least adds interesting characters to the whole procedual concept that I can enjoy and think about on my own. Really, I have nothing against procedurals on CBS; they do their job, they're written and acted well enough, and that's all they need to do. But not what I crave.

However, Eleventh Hour seems to have gotten to be the According to Jim of proceduals. It's a show that fills a timeslot where it has to battle ER until NBC plugs Leno in, the promo for the episode I watched suggested Overacting! Theater!, and...well it came after Grissom said goodbye on CSI for last night's episode. CBS could've plugged iin Julie Chen turning to various cameras to annouce BB10 twists all hour and still scored a respectable second place.

But thus, Eleventh Hour. I was a victim again of hyperactive promo syndrome. When it came down to it really, it was a competent hour of TV that entertained me and allowed me to gaze upon Liza for the first time on television for two years. That's all I wanted, I got it, and nothing more.

I apologize if I"m not Glark-like at all...)Collapse )

So that's my recap. I plan to screencap when I get time this weekend (not the entire show obviously, I've seen enough of it), so look out for that. I did enjoy it well enough, and though I'm snarky in my recap, I've seen plenty worse on TV. If there's one thing I can say about CBS, it's that their shows never make me angry.

OK, Andy Rooney does sometimes. But he's supposed to.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must chase away hand-burning scenes with sweet Liza dreams :)...
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